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Top Emulators for PC #3

So far we have covered four great emulators all for different systems and generations there are more to discover. If you have missed or are unaware of our previous articles about emulators you may use these links to read about emulators for:



Chances are you’re not a fan of handheld gaming if you’re into emulators. And that’s for a valid reason. Handheld gaming has a reputation of being inferior and “casual”, whatever that means. If this is the case, then chances are that you probably have never played a game on a PlayStation portable or PSP for short. Those of us who have no just how fun and good it can be. This emulator is great program to use if you’re looking for some PSP gaming. Running pretty much every game flawlessly and allowing for custom resolutions, extra key binds and macros as well as quick saving (if you’re looking for that kind of stuff), then this one is the emulator for you. Games like Final Fantasy: Dissidia and Crisis Core (prequel to critically acclaimed Final Fantasy VII), Persona titles, Daxter, Patapon, God of War: Chains of Olympus and of course, Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker are reason enough for you to get this amazing emulator.

But it gets even better. This emulator will allow you to play multiplayer and co-op games online with your friends through stimulated network. All you need to do is set your IP to match the other person’s IP and before you know it you can have some one-on-one rival gaming or play some games with up to 3 friends in co-op. The feature is still in beta yet all the testing conducted testifies that it’s ready to use. If you’ve never get a chance to play PlayStation portable before, now would be a pretty good time.

#6 – BlueStacks


Nope, it’s not another Nintendo emulator. While there are great Nintendo handheld emulators, decided to break the pattern and future an Android emulator instead. Now it’s not just about the pattern, BlueStacks has every right to be on this list. This is a perfect Android emulator for PC. Whether it’s about gaming or one of many other awesome Android applications, BlueStacks will run them all. This is truly a work of art as it enables you to have identical experience as Android users have on their devices from the comfort of your desktop or laptop.

And it truly is an identical experience since you can even create an account and become an active part of Android community using this program. Now obviously unless you have a GPS, camera and gyroscope on your PC not all of the features will be available to you but, you can still get in play games that are unplayable on PC by any different means. You may also use it to read books on a big screen and run apps at a custom resolution without actually feeling the impact on your device as you would if you were to use an actual Android device. You can also use it to play games online with your friends that are using either the emulator or playing on actual Android devices.

Now if you’re thinking about actually buying an Android device this way you may try applications first and determine what kind of device will suit you best. If you want to be extra weird you may even emulate Android through BlueStacks and use one of its emulators from Google store to emulate different systems through an emulator. Emulatorception!

Also, if you’re looking for emulators for your smartphone or tablet, check this article on Best Smartphone and Tablet emulators.


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