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Top 3 PS2 Games of All Time

Sunny PlayStation 2 had so many cool games that picking only 3 is going to be an extremely difficult task. We’re going to be facing some tough decisions and will have to disregard many great games in order to keep this list with only 3 games on it. PlayStation 2 has left its mark on many generation of gamers and those who were lucky enough to play those games back then are undoubtedly appreciating and cheering every memory of it. If you had no such luck or perhaps love to relive some of those memories, you may use PS2 emulator  for your PC and play those games directly on your computer. So many good titles yet we are going to pick only 3 so, let’s start.

#3Shadow of the Colossus


An adventure game like nothing you’ve ever seen. Even today, years after its release nobody ever dared to try and make something remotely spectacular and avant-garde as this game. Your roaming vast, empty world filled with beautiful vistas and pretty much no life except for some trees, birds and small, hardened reptiles with yummy tails. Your quest is pretty straightforward but still a mysterious one. Your hunting colossi, ancient beings, guardians of some kind and are to slay them in order to resurrect a dying girl. Time is of the essence for you are being chased by members of some kind of order for trying to stop you before you slay the colossi. Is it even possible to slay them and if so, how does one so tiny kill something as colossal? Grab the game and find out yourself, you won’t regret it.

#2 Ōkami


If there’s a game which stands out from the rest of the crowd with its gameplay and art style, it has to be Ōkami. This beautiful game looks like traditional 17th century Japanese paintings. You play as a white wolf, an avatar of great goddess Amaterasu using a very specific game of panic called celestial brush to save the world from chaos. The game is story driven action-adventure very unique feature, the celestial brush. The brush allows you to literally paint on your screen and watch your drawings come to life. You are to use this and many other techniques to overcome any hardships you may encounter throughout your journey. If you value unique, creative and artistic approach to video games, this is something that should be on your list.

#3Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence


We are risking sounding like fan boys now after picking another Metal Gear Solid title as the best game on an entire system but regardless of what anybody may think about our pick and reasons behind it, this game absolutely justifies its place on the number 1 spot of this list.

This right here is art. This game, this entire game is art. It’s art regarding storytelling, it is art regarding gameplay and those graphics are definitely artistic as hell! If you owned PlayStation 2 and never played this absolute masterpiece, you’ve made some poor decisions in your life. If you’ve never owned the system, you absolutely have to emulate this game and experience everything it has to offer. Words are not enough to describe how good this game is. Arguably it is the best Metal Gear Solid game to this date and you know what, we hardly back that argument up!

Metal Gear Solid Legacy Collection HD is available through PlayStation network for PlayStation 3 and 4 and if you own any of the systems, do not hesitate. Get that, play it, love it and remember it for the rest of your life.

It is complex to emulate and may misbehave depending on your hardware combination but it is generally playable on every medium ranged computer. PCX2 does a great job emulating this game, just make sure you’ve selected the right plug-ins and configured the settings accordingly to your systems capabilities. We strongly recommend consulting some online guides to get the best emulation experience from this game. It is 1000% worth it!



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