Smartphone and Tablet Emulators

Smart phones and tablets have become everyday parts of our lives. Nearly everyone owns at least one of these devices and most of us are constantly carrying one of them around with us. There is of course great benefit to owning such a device, from staying in touch with your friends and colleagues to providing Internet access nearly everywhere on the planet at any given time. But none of that is actually very important to us, what we care about is gaming! So, how does one enrich his gaming habit with a smart phone or tablet? Not like there are not numerous titles for these devices but, would it be able if we can run some “real” games on those? Fortunately for us, now we can with some help from these awesome smart phone and tablet emulators. There a couple of noteworthy ones that we will cover right here, right now.



This amazing emulator seems to be absolutely everywhere. You probably already have it on your PC but maybe it’s time you take your games elsewhere like, to a nearby park perhaps? ePSXe is available to Android users on Google Play at a price of US$3.36 and boy, is it a bargain!

If you haven’t heard about this emulator gem to this point, you must’ve been living under a rock. It exists and has been popular for as long as we can remember and it has more than earned its name and reputation amongst emulators for personal computers. Android version is no different. It runs smooth in pretty much every game and is very lightweight and performance friendly. The only off thing about it is awkward button layout that you can tweak but it will never be as good and as intuitive as a real controller or even a keyboard but nevertheless, this great app gets the job done and lets you play all those great Sony PlayStation titles on the go and where ever you are. Absolutely a must-have for every Sony PlayStation nostalgic gamer.


This pure awesomeness of an emulator is available for Android, iOS and Symbian devices. Now you can once again reignite the embers between yourself and your beloved PSP. Whether your PSP is impractical, bulky, malfunctioning or you simply lack sufficient storage space to carry all your games around with you, PPSSPP is here to help you. You’re probably familiar with this one if you’re emulating games on your PC but having a handheld console emulator for a handheld device feels right as rain. The best thing about this is that it’s completely free but you may choose to support the developers if you are satisfied with the product. We wholeheartedly encourage you to do so if you can because something like this deserves support and respect from gamers all around the world.

#3 – MegaN64


As you may have probably figured out from its name this is a Nintendo 64 emulator for Android. Apparently this one is based on Mupen64 (an open source project) but features a couple of additional tweaks to make it run better on Android devices. It works for most parts and you will rarely encounter problems with your games but know that it’s not perfect. You will have no trouble playing Legend of Zelda whatsoever, since that is pretty much why most people downloaded it for. It is also completely free and you may download it right now from the Google Play store.

Hopefully these emulators will help you with what you’re looking for. It is good knowing that you don’t have to leave all of your games at home once you leave. This way all of them can follow you wherever you go that is, for as long as you have enough storage space.



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