Top Emulators for PC #2

We’ve decided to split this post in a couple of parts so we can cover everything in between the two in case we need to. If you’ve missed our previous post on this subject, you may check it out.



We have introduced you to ePSXe in our previous post we hope the information was useful and helpful one. Many people love PlayStation classics and ePSXe is a way to go if you’re looking for a way to relive some of those or perhaps play them for the first time. But the glory of PlayStation doesn’t end with its original system, no. PlayStation 2 made quite a name for itself while simultaneously shaping the future of games and gamers across the world setting standards for numerous videogame genres for years to come. There are many reasons to love this great system and its games one of them being incredibly lifelike visual capabilities for its time on top of countless incredible games to choose from. From genre redefining titles like Resident Evil 4 to some of the most memorable adventure games like Shadow Of the Colossus to hardcore games like Devil May Cry. As it’s written on product packing, there is indeed “something for everyone on PS2” and once again, there is no better way to experience any of those than through PCSX2.

However, keep in mind that PlayStation 2 is an incredibly complex system to emulate even today. If the game is not properly functioning for you, don’t give up and disregard it but search for a valid solution online. Many emulating communities have already figured out the exact plug-in combinations and settings to use for perfect game experience yet, bear in mind that these settings may not work depending on your system and hardware configuration so we advise you to play with the settings yourself if everything else fails to give proper results.

#4Dolphin Emulator


Once again, Sony/Nintendo combo post. Don’t act surprised like you never saw it coming. It is very obvious that Dolphin deserves a spot on this list. Not only will this program emulate your Nintendo GameCube games, it will also allow you to play Nintendo Wii titles as well. While GameCube was not as received as PlayStation 2 that never stopped GC developers from giving us some of the best games in like forever. With this here emulator you can play titles like original NBA 2K that spawned an incredible sports franchise that we have today. It was even better back in the day when you didn’t have to worry about all the VC bullshit and how to get free Virtual Currency. It is also a system that was blessed with the Metal Gear Solid Twin Snakes, remake of a wonderful game that defined and pretty much invented stealth as a genre as well as a remake of the original Resident Evil. It goes without saying that you can play all Nintendo’s classics like Metroid, Super Mario and Donkey Kong with this program and it emulates these exclusive titles pretty much perfectly.


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