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You don’t need a $200 Smartphone. Emulate and Play MyNBA2K18 on your PC!

In our previous post we talked to about the latest Android emulator for personal computers. It just so happens that this post is tightly connected with that one.

You probably already know that we like classic games. One of our all-time favorite game to pass the time has to be NBA2K.

Just recently, 2K Studios released their latest NBA2K for PC and consoles but also for mobile devices like tablets and smart phones.

Although you don’t get the full gameplay experience on the handheld devices, it is definitely one of the best spinoffs that you can get. Not to mention that this game is absolutely free to download and play for as long as you want without ever having to spend a single dollar on it. But it gets even better than this.



Playing MyNBA2K18 on your smartphone or tablet


If you happen to own NBA2K18 on either PC or one of the consoles, downloading and playing the MyNBA2K18 game on your handheld device will reward you in numerous ways.



For example, this game became rather restrictive lately. The developers became very greedy and decided to lock specific parts of the game behind a payment wall. This impacts the game in so many ways. In fact, is not even possible to max out your characters attributes and stats without having to spend a lot of your real money on the game. It is either that or you will have to spend a significant amount of time grinding for VC in order to get your character in top shape.


Of course, it is okay to ask money for the game that you’ve spent a lot of time working on but, asking for additional payments for a game that already costs almost $100 is absolutely ridiculous and shameful.

On the other hand, at least we are given a chance to earn the virtual currency that the game developers are trying to sell us. How do we do this? MyNBA2K18 has a couple of ways to reward the persistent players.

First of all, the game will reward you for every consecutive login day after day. This alone will make your VC balance increase steadily but constantly.

In addition to this, you may increase your VC balance by playing the game on your smart phone and performing well in general. There is some luck involved given that this is a card game revolving primarily around strategy and teambuilding rather than actual action gameplay.



Why are we telling you about this?


You’re probably thinking to yourself right now: “What does this have to do with emulators?”

Well, nothing really. Nothing until this point had anything to do with the emulators at least. The main reason for telling you about this is because it’s possible to emulate MyNBA2K18 using the previously mentioned Bluestacks Android emulator.

But why is this important? Well, there are couple of reasons actually.


#1 – Being able to play when you otherwise would not

The first and the most obvious one is that this is a perfect way for everyone not owning a smart phone or a tablet compatible with the game to run it anyway their powerful desktop or laptop computers.

But let’s not stop there. It is well-known that NBA2K is not available in every country. Mobile app is even more restrictive than the PC/console release. It could be harder to get the game in some countries compared to others. However, there are those regions that are completely excluded and gamers who happen to live there will have no way to download the game through the official page. However Bluestacks 3 can be used to install .apk file downloaded from unofficial sites and fully enjoy the game as you normally would.


#2 – Enhanced gameplay experience

The second reason is a matter of performance. In most cases, a lightweight game as this one will perform incomparably better on a strong desktop or laptop computer. This means shorter loading and response times, better graphics, bigger display and overall better performance all of which contribute to the players experience.


#3 – The possibility of modifying the game to your benefit

The third reason is the one that most of you will be interested in and that is free VC. As we have mentioned before, simply by playing this game you get to earn some extra VC. Emulating the game on PC opens up a whole new level of possibilities. It is much easier to manipulate the game when you have access to all PC functions. This is a perfect opportunity for everyone not willing to directly hack VC for NBA2K18 to still get some of the juice. There are numerous ways to get free VC and even hack locker codes with different hacks and online tools like code generator at, but for those of you who want to push it to the limit and explore the possibilities, playing the game through PC is the way to go.

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