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The most advanced Android emulator ever Bluestacks 3, is finally here!

Mobile games, specifically those for Android and iOS are becoming increasingly popular especially with the younger crowds and newer generations. Because of this we had an uprise of software’s and emulators that attempted to close the gap between is the mobile and PC/Console gamers. So far, there have been some pretty cool and stable emulators but none of them were actually flawless.


Now, with the Bluestacks 3, everything is about change.

BS3 is not only the most stable Android generator out there but also the one with the most numerous and user friendly features. Playing Android games on your PC has become easier than ever things to this amazing emulator. If you’ve used the previous version then you know just how easy it is to set up Bluestacks and make it run.

Unfortunately, you would probably know just how complicated and unstable the program can get when tinkering with its settings and trying to personalize controls and other aspects of the emulator.

The latest installment, the already famous Bluestacks 3, you can forget about all of those hardships this you have to suffer in the previous version.


Controls made easy:


Over the years, Bluestacks has grown as did its community. They’ve learned a lot from one another which can be seen from almost every aspect of the new emulator. For instance developers have realized that mobile gaming as well as its community has grown incomparably larger over the course of the last couple of years.

One of the major updates that we’ve got and certainly the one that the community was looking forward to the most is the implication of all different kinds of controls and input made available for the PC user.

The last versions of the emulator were the basic. They emulated swipes, touch and tap gestures but, that’s pretty much everything they did. Game required. Some games required points in different directions from two or more points at the same time. Although pinching was always unavailable gesture, the implementation of additional controlling schemes most certainly made our gaming on this emulator much more enjoyable.

If you were to play FPS game like Modern Combat on your Bluestacks emulator, all you would have to do is to open the control settings tab, pick your shooting cursor and place it in the middle of the screen. Additionally, you must position D-pad on top of your virtual analog if you want to. From this point on our it is only a matter of preference. You have to bind this is keys to specific actions after which you can jump straight into the action and play this touchscreen optimized first-person shooter game using your mouse and keyboard while sacrificing absolutely nothing.

To be completely honest with you, this is absolutely the best way to play it FPS Android games.



Easier than ever to find a new to play:


Bluestacks has always been connected with the Google Play services. The emulator requires of the users to connect with their Google Play accounts in order to be able to use the emulator. This did not change. Although you do not have to download games directly from the Google play and there is a possibility of installing an app to download from an external market, Google Play remains Bluestacks’s market of choice.

And that’s great. Not only will you get frequent suggestions and updates but the games that might interest you, you will also stay on track with the latest releases and the most popular games on the market at the time.

This the best way to discover games and find similar titles for the games that already like.


Despite everything, it is still free to use software!


That’s right. Not only are the games free to use but the software itself is absolutely free to download, install and use for as long as you like. And it’s not even ad heavy as you may think it is. Bluestacks 3 will only explain an advertisement every once in a while without bothering you too much with it. The best thing about it is that these ads don’t have to be viewed for a pre-determined amount of time, no. Is a simple pop-up which reminds you that there is a premium version of the emulator available for purchase which comes with its own benefits for those that are interested.



All in all is an amazing emulator not just for games but also everything that may be found on Android devices and Google Play market. If you are interested in that sort of things then we strongly suggest that you give this amazing emulator a try!

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