Top 3 PSX Games to Play

Sony PlayStation’s original system had many great games. If you never had an opportunity to enjoy everything this great system had to offer to us, it is not too late yet. Using an PSX emulator  you may fully experience all the glory that Sony PlayStation had to offer back back in its days. Don’t be fooled, while they might be old, these games are not bad by any means and once you adjust your eyes to graphics of yesterday you will have no problem enjoying these masterpieces. Without further ado here are top 3 PSX games for you to play.

#3Resident Evil 3


If you’ve never played Resident Evil game prepare yourself to enter a world of horror. If you’ve played some of the recently released entries, you’re in for a surprise. This game is nothing like a modern fast-paced zombie shooter and all the Resident Evil games prior to 4th were terrifying and very much focused on the element of horror and survival while modern entries are focusing on the action parts. And while all the games from the original trilogy are great in their own way we prefer RE3 simply because when you look at the gameplay alone, this one is simply the best and it does so while maintaining all of the great aspects of its predecessors.

#2Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver


Adventure masterpiece. This is a game that every gamer who values great storytelling combined with some very good gameplay should care about. Enter the world of Nosgoth where humans and vampires are battling for supremacy and survival. Follow the story of Raziel, once proud and powerful vampire reduced to a soul sucking fiend as he seeks vengeance against those who made him what he is. Prepare for open world adventure with semi-dynamic progression and the story so complex and detailed that you will be spending hours thinking about it. This is truly a timeless classic game that will stay with you for a very long time after you’ve played it.

While this game has a PC release, it is rather unstable on a modern systems and we recommend playing it through an emulator instead.

#1Metal Gear Solid


Chances are that you’re familiar with the name “Metal Gear Solid” by now since games final chapter has been closed (yes we’re aware of the “Survive” game but we all agree that it’s not and will never be a game worthy of MGS title). This is a game that pretty much invented the whole stealth genre. It is also the very first game to utilize cinematic cut-scenes. This gem blew our minds back in 1998 with its incredible 3D graphics, advanced storytelling never before seen in a video game, lovable and lifelike characters and amazing stealth gameplay that was so very much ahead of its time. If you never had a chance to play this masterpiece, we urge you to do so even if you’ve played The Phantom Pain, this game will without a doubt blow your mind on such a grand scale you know what hit you, and that’s a promise! After all, this is a Hideo Kojima game!

Game is also available on GameCube which you can emulate using Dolphin Emulator but we recommend the original over remake but the choice is up to you.


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